Mining Properties Corporation was launched in 2013 to provide a platform for identifying and harnessing high value potential mining property opportunities for investment, acquisition and/or sale through brokering, trading, financing, joint venture or strategic partnerships. The team has over 50 years in global experience for acquiring mining properties, selling mining properties, bringing mines to production, the sale and trading of commodities, and due diligence required.

The company was established to manage the mining property development process as it relates to the sales and marketing of quality mining properties to purchasers for ownership and investment. Our aim is to build trust among the global mining investors and owners to represent high calibre assets in the highly competitive industry.

Our consortium has sold over 18 billion USD in properties, off-take agreements, and assets. We have also financed over $1 billion to the development of projects to reach the stage of sale or Joint Venture.

If you would like to become a mining properties associate, please contact us at info@mining-properties.com.