Competitive Advantage

Competitive strength

MPC’s competitive strength is based on its global network of mining, finance and investment industry relationships that enable it to identify mining property opportunities and attract, facilitate and broker strategic investments backed by the human capital needed to analyze and realize value in each project. As a global opportunity investment and marketing company, MPC has created a special network of strategic partners that include governments, large scale public companies, mining SMEs, engineering firms and other stakeholders. The company has the ability to reach all potential local and international stakeholders and buyers needed for each individual project.

Leveraging our global network and services

Members of MPC’s global network may choose to leverage the relationship platform to attract investment or sell a particular mining property. Backed by MPC integrated services platform, feasibility analysis and due diligence is then conducted on the property, and then the property is placed on the MPC mining property listings database platform to open up potential to sell the license, attract investors and establish linkages with mining property exploration companies.

MPC due diligence includes detailed reviews of the stated reserves, historical data, maps, property ownership and title as well as ownership background and profile information.  The company also provides all of the necessary services to develop strategic business plans, financial models, reports, and budgets for the mining property assets in order to maximize the asset’s value and in turn the potential for commercialization.

The company’s services provide mining sector stakeholders with insight into the challenges and issues they face, enabling them to make better decisions to maximize opportunities. MPC assists with a number of strategic solutions to develop and implement go-to-market programs focused on driving targeted growth and investment and reducing costs.

Services to Governments

MPC services also include providing governments technical and capacity development assistance to develop and drive economic development strategies and programs for the mining sector in their countries. On behalf of governments, the company helps to create added value for publicly held mining property assets by through strategic packaging and presentation of historical work to major mining players will to invest in feasibility studies, engineering, exploration and development of the properties. MPC can also assist governments in developing a plan to define country resources, refineries and infrastructure, metals trading platform and exchange development as well as creating a national mining steering committee or council made up of current market leaders.

Revenue Model

Leveraging its platform of global mining property and investment stakeholders, MPC’s primary revenue source is based on a straightforward business model that involve acquiring property rights and reselling them for a value based profit. The company provides sales representatives and agents an aggressive compensation level to ensure there is a high level of motivation and commitment in a highly competitive marketplace.  The final deals are structured on a case by case basis, and usually structured on a combination of stock, cash, debt and options is negotiated, depending on the acquired property’s ownership and assets.

Strong emphasis on developing and emerging African Markets

Africa is by far the world’s poorest inhabited continent, although parts have made significant gains over the last few years. However, the continent hosts about 30% of the world’s total mineral reserves and an even higher share of deposits of diamonds, vanadium, manganese, platinum, cobalt and gold.

Investors are seeking expansion to new markets especially in the developing world, which presents a new investment frontier for leading mining companies. Our network includes over 4,000 of the leading investors for mining, and including many of the largest producers of steel, electronic components, and retail jewellery in the World.