Mining Properties & Offtakes

Properties and Offtakes

Mineral Property Assets

Zambia Mining Properties for Purchase, Option, Joint Venture

  • Zambia Copper-Cobolt Open-Pit Mine with off-take agreement
  • Zambia Copper-Cobolt Property adjacent to Blackthorn Resources
  • Zambia Gold Properties
  • Zambia Oil concession
  • Zambia Uranium Concessions with past production
  • Zambia Nickel-Copper Concessions with Feasibility Report
  • Zambia Manganese Concessions
  • Zambia Lime Concessions
  • Zambia Iron Concessions near to Tanzania
  • Zambia Coal Mine
  • Zambia Diamond, Aquamarine, and Emerald properties

Existing mines or properties with Mining Licenses both Small and Large scale. All due diligence is up to date. Most tracks of land are 700 km squared or greater up to 840 km squared. Generally operations are limited to 8 – 12 km squared where there is a resource with existing drilling, resource estimates or proven resources.

South Africa Mining Properties

  • Iron ore deposits and existing mines
  • Large Scale platinum mine
  • Diamond Concessions (several producing pipes)
  • Coal Mines and Deposits
  • Gold Mining Properties in productions
  • Gold Mining Properties requiring low investment for production

Zimbabwe Mining Properties

  • Gold Mining Properties with Government approvals for export
  • Diamond Mining assets with Government approvals for export
  • Platinum mining operations with Government approvals for export

Sudan Mining Properties

  • Oil Properties
  • Coal power plants with coal deposits for energy processing in Country operation

Ghana Mining Properties

  • Oil Block concession ($15 million USD minimum)
  • Gold mine concession for sale

Senegal Mining Properties

  • Iron deposit and Mining

Mozambique Mining Properties

  • Coal mine and concession for sale
  • Offshore Oil concession
  • Guano Concessions
  • Gold concession available

Namibia Mining Properties

  • Oil and Gas concession
  • Diamond Concession
  • Copper Concession with refinery low rates

Lesotho Mining Properties

  • Diamond Concession

Swaziland Mining Properties

  • Iron Ore Concession
  • Coal Concession

Malawi Mining Properties

  • Coal Concessions with Power Plant offtake agreement

Mali Mining Properties

  • Gold concessions

Tanzania Mining Properties

  • Gold Concessions

Cameroon Mining Properties

Kenya Mining Properties

  • Oil and Gas concessions with power plant opportunities

Liberia Mining Properties

  • Iron Ore Concessions and investment opportunities on Railway with offtake

Burkina Faso Mining Properties

Mauritania Mining Properties

Dr Congo Mining Properties

Tunisia Mining Properties

Spain Mining Properties

Canada Mining Properties

Guatemala Mining Properties



We have offtake agreements for copper, gold, iron, coal, oil, diamonds and nickel. If you have resources within these sectors, we can assist. If you desire to produce in these sectors, we have properties that can be purchased or invested into to meet the demand of the offtake agreements. All offtakes are between 5 and 10 years, and irrevocable. Clients include China, Qatar, Germany, Australia, Canada, India, Korea, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, South Africa, and various Eastern Countries top producers and purchasers of base metals and precious metals and stones. Oil and Gas is typically sold to France, India, China, Malaysia, or in small quantities through-out Africa.