Low commodity prices, cost controls, ROI, and declining stock prices all contribute to the fact that the global mining industry has a confidence issue. Mining property assets and operations must focus on regaining investors’ confidence through various means including increased productivity and efficiency gains, and increased access and improved usage of market knowledge and information.

The MPC marketing strategy will seek to gain the strategic confidence of investors by reinforcing the message that the company as a whole understands the intrinsic risks in the current state of the market, but also the inherent opportunities to invest where there are properties that exist either with hidden value, or who are just doing things right from a management perspective.

Information and networks are two key aspects of the company’s marketing strategy. The MPC management team has the global connections and information channels that are needed for being well positioned to establish its assets in each of these aspects.

1. Becoming a recognized authority and knowledge leader on mining property investments by implementing the following integrated activities:

  • Developing a global database of mining property investment opportunities
  • MPC will employ its team of professionals, advisors and consultants to develop its own global database of mining property investment opportunities.
  • Through its local country level contacts and resources in the key targeted countries, MPC will secure rights for reselling and/or investing and developing valued mining properties vis-à-vis joint venturing, merger, acquisition or property development.
  • Develop and manage a mining property investment knowledge portal that will be connected to industry level social and research networks, publications, and other market reference institutions and firms.
  • Develop and distribute a mining investment information newsletter in print and online/web formats.
  • Publish a series of industry white papers on mining property investments for distribution online via the company website and other social media networks, including but not limited to various industry related investment conferences and seminars.
  • Develop a series of short video vignettes with industry experts features news, trends and opportunity information on mining property investment that will be distributed online/web (i.e., via Youtube), and with links to the company website and other industry information sites.
  • Prepare and publish a series of articles for industry related journals, magazines, newspapers, and web based informational sites.
    • Develop a conference and seminar platform related to mining property investments, industry trends, and opportunity information that will be delivered at industry related conferences, as well as an independent event for industry analysts, investors and professionals. The seminar series will also be captured on video and copies will be distributed electronically/digitally via social media, the company website as well as via other industry stakeholder sites. The seminars will be delivered in key strategic target markets and countries identified by MPC as being strategic priorities.  Event/activity funding will in part be shared by various industry stakeholder sponsors, including but not limited to mining companies and governments, among others.
    • Design and implement a continuous flow email database campaign platform to push through key company communications messages, as well as mining property investment opportunity and market information
  • Secure mining business and investment company databases within each targeted country/region,

2. Focus on relationships to help maximizing investment returns with minimized risk for buyers and clients on mining property investment opportunities that MPC identifies, develops, markets and sells

 MPC´s long term business growth depends on its reputation to provide measurable ROI opportunities to investors, partners and other related stakeholders. This means that the company must have a solid technical analysis team behind it in all geographic areas and markets. This also means that it is vital for the company to have solid relationships with potential clients, investors and partners to match profiles with opportunities. Information is crucial on all sides, and the MPC team must have its own verifiable approach to bridging it all together to ensure minimized risk and lost opportunity, so that everyone is satisfied.

3. Develop country based metals commodity exchanges

4. Leverage investment brokerage platform for mining property investments