The Mining Property Corporation approach is based on a multi staged process that begins with the identification of mining properties that have value and commercialization potential.

Success at this stage is based on long term relationship and trust building with key property stakeholders including governments and private owners. We focus on becoming part of mining property and strategic investment communities in our target markets and countries.

Next, we make deliberate efforts to engage with key strategic partners in all target regions, and be integrally involved in the planning process for specific mining properties and regions that contain various potential mining property developments. This positions us to be involved in the acquisition, sale or investment process which will in turn help us minimize risk and proactively pinpoint the right opportunity for each mining property and potential buyers and/or investors, including strategic off-take agreements for Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, American, Australian, British, and other large consumers of base metals and resources. Our experience has led us to recognize that in the global economy, and especially in the mining sector, opportunistic timing is a strategic and pertinent consideration.

For this reason we have assembled a highly talented team of professional industry experts and managers to help our clients and respond and react appropriately to opportunistic timing. We continue to develop our global community platform of mining property owners, investors, technical experts and engineers and government officials. We then apply our lengthy experience and knowledge to facilitate a match the properties with the right resources and investment, creating a successful experience for our strategic partners and investors. Our project scope extends further than just the final closing papers. We accompany all deals from beginning to completion and beyond – keeping track of investor’s goals and objectives, as well as new value added opportunities that may have already been identified or that may arise in the future.  Keeping positive relationships with stakeholders, investors and property owners is more often than not as important as ‘making the deal’ or the property sale itself, which is why we dedicate our services to ensuring a positive, trustworthy relations with all involved.

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